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The North Carolina Tar Heels are the athletic teams for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The name Tar Heel is a nickname used to refer to individuals from the state of North Carolina, the Tar Heel State. The campus at Chapel Hill is referred to as the University of North Carolina for the purposes of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was chartered in 1789, and in 1795 it became the first state-supported university in the United States. Since the school fostered the oldest collegiate team in the Carolinas, the school took on the nickname "Carolina," especially in athletics. The Tar Heels are also referred to as North Carolina...

North Carolina Tar Heels NEXT AND LAST GAMES

Past 10 meetings

W 60% (6) L 40% (4)
  • Ducks @ Tar Heels 28-27 L
  • Tigers @ Tar Heels 39-10 L
  • Wolfpack @ Tar Heels 30-27 L
  • Yellow Jackets @ Tar Heels 21-17 L
  • Tar Heels @ Demon Deacons 36-34 W
  • Tar Heels @ Cavaliers 31-28 W
  • Panthers @ Tar Heels 24-42 W
  • Tar Heels @ Blue Devils 38-35 W
  • Tar Heels @ Hurricanes 27-24 W
  • Hokies @ Tar Heels 10-41 W

North Carolina Tar Heels INJURIES

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