Responsible Gambling in Football Betting and Online Casinos: Tips and Tricks

Betting can be an enjoyable pass time activity when you’re favourites are playing and the odds are in their favour. As in most sports, the biggest tournaments are about to start; we present helpful tips to make the most of your bet slips.

Betting on sports sites is heavily regulated in numerous countries and states. In others, it falls under a grey legal area, and people can get scammed quickly. Fraudsters and shady gambling platforms managed to convince thousands of people to sign-up on their sites and play for extensive and astonishing prized.

They would block their cards and winnings and even steal their sensitive data, leaving bettors in debt and using their contact information for money laundering or other illegal schemes.

To avoid enrolling on unlawful websites, here are a few steps you need to follow.


Betting licensing is mandatory in most countries. A gambling license is a working permit that allows a casino to operate legally in a specific area. Some licenses (Curacao, UKGC) function in more countries, so a casino with a Curacao permit can legally advertise and expand its business outside Curacao.

These are important because that number indicates that the local government knows about and periodically checks the business to follow the rules. Moreover, that document proves that they pay taxes that help develop the country.

You can find the licensing information usually at the bottom of the Homepage and on the Terms & Conditions page. Make sure you check it out and verify that it is still valid.

Responsible gambling protocols

Responsible gambling tools are designed to assist each player in maintaining control over their gambling activities and promoting healthier gambling habits. Online gambling operators typically offer these protocols to help players set limits, manage their time and spending, and access support if needed.

Types of responsible gambling tools you can use

Responsible gambling tools empower you and other bettors to set personal limits and boundaries, become self-aware and remain within your limits.

Deposit and loss limits

As the name suggests, you can set a limit on the amount you add to your betting account for a specific period. You can set it for one day up to a month. Once you reach this limit, you will be prevented from depositing more until the limit resets.

Loss limits work somehow similar, yet opposite. You can think about how much you can afford to lose in a timeframe and put that limit. This is one of the most efficient ways to manage your wallet and don’t fall into the addiction trap.

Time limits

Another boundary you can add is the time per session. You can limit your time spent online on a website just like you can do for any social media account. The time limit works best if you also turn on the deposit and loss limitations.

Self-exclusion protocols

Self-exclusion is the most powerful tool on legal gambling websites. It allows individuals to exclude themselves from gambling activities for a period ranging from a few months to several years.

During this period, they are denied access to their gambling accounts and are generally prohibited. Moreover, every gambling platform using these self-exclusion protocols will forbid the player from opening a new account or betting on the existing one.

Gambling diaries

Although this feature is not used at all, even though its technology is impressive, some casinos provide a gambling diary feature. These are notes about everything you do on that platform. The logic behind this protocol is that if you see your gambling history, you can see your preferences and any early, preventable signs of addiction.

Reality checks

With reality checks, players receive regular notifications displaying how much time they have spent gambling. These are somehow similar to the gambling diaries, but the input comes from the platform, not yourself.

Blog posts

Bookies often provide educational guides about responsible gambling, including where to seek help. This information is updated periodically and presents the reality of people suffering from addiction and solutions.


Betting can be overwhelming because each casino game or sport is different. CasinoAlpha recommends online players try out different types of games to know what fits their gaming style better. Some prefer casino games as they involve more skills and strategy than football betting. You can try some casino games for free by using certain bonuses and promotions. If you’re already an expert in your betting field, keep up with the latest bets and winning methods.

Discovering new things in gambling is easy because everything is in a singular place. It can also be cheap; some casino games have a minim bet of $0.20, others $3 and sports slips start around $4. You can also listen to podcasts and watch professionals explain how to make the odds be in your favour. But most importantly, you now know how to handle the most delicate part: monitor yourself and take care of your mind using responsible gambling tools.